Wow I love Party Pasties! I bought some for me and my friends for the lake and they were a huge hit. Girls kept asking if we had extras and the guys totally loved them. I will definitely order more of these nipple pasties for our next trip!

J – Shelly, Lake Havasu, NV

Party Pasties are the best breast pasties I have tried so far. They stay on for hours and don’t slip at all. My favorite is the black and red star, they rock!

Abby, Las Vegas, NV

I tried all the nipple covers that Party Pasties has and the hearts are definitely my favorite. It offers a bit more coverage but is still super sexy.

Katie, Miami, FL

I brought a bag full of Party Pasties to a pool party last week and figured I would give them out to all the girls. Some of the girls were a little shy at first but as the day went by everyone started taking off their tops and putting on the exotic lingerie. By the end of the day all the girls were in their nipple pasties and had a great time!

Eric, Los Angeles, CA

I tried on Party Pasties and went swimming in my backyard and loved it! It was like I was skinny dipping and I could feel all the ripples of the water on my breasts. I will be wearing these sexy lingerie sets for the rest of the summer!

Heather, Austin, TX

I was given a pair of these at the river the other day and absolutely loved them! I got a ton of attention walking around with them but I still got to be a bit covered up. I wore the flowers and they stayed on perfect, none of the sides started to peel up like other ones I have tried before do. I saved the package of these nipple pasties for when I got home and placed a order for myself.

Ashley, Colorado